Watch their eyes light up as the face of Santa starts to appear as the bags are given each day.

Santa’s Magic Bags


  • BUILD GIDDY ANTICIPATION with 25 drawstring bags numbered 1 through 25. Each bag measures 3”W x 4”H and will hold 2-3 small items. Every 5th bag is red-in-color and features an custom print of elf or Santa’s gleeful face.
  • FESTIVELY DECORATED 12”W x 28”H display board boasts 25 Santa clips that hold the Magic Bags in place. Add this merry Santa’s Magic Bags Set to your fireplace mantle, or display it in your child’s room to make the countdown part of the bedtime ritual.
  • GENERATIONS TO COME will enjoy this reusable holiday family activity with its refillable bags. Your children will gather with their own children and their great-grandchildren, sharing memories that started around Santa’s Magic Bags.
  • SOW THE SEEDS for a lifetime of joyful family memories with Santa’s Magic Bags. Your child will forever reflect on a home that was filled with love, warmth and laughter whenever they gather their own family around this precious keepsake.

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Santa’s Magic Bag storage




Having a durable storage bag for your board is a plus when it comes to preserving from year to year.   We have provided this option for you with this custom printed Storage bag that will hold your board, clips and bags for many years of enjoyment and also serve as an everlasting memory for your child.

Product is made from Heavy Canvas custom Printed

*Please note: Video describes as heavy velvet excuse the error