Santa’s Magic Bags believes a Christmas holiday is that time of the year you will want to reward your wonderful grandchild for not being so naughty. It is a time dedicated to strengthening family bonds through the sharing of personalized gifts, Christmas Holiday packages, having family fun and bringing the family together to have a sober reflection on the past year and plan ahead on how to make the New Year better. During these Christmas holidays, the role of personalized gifts in strengthening the love shared between family members most especially between grandparents and grandchildren cannot be overemphasized.

According to psychologists and child development experts, praise and reward is one of the best ways to build a child’s self-esteem and encourage them to do something special. It is generally believed that the more gifts a child receives for doing the right thing, the better behaved the child gets to be. Giving gifts to individuals most especially from grandparents to grandchildren is an age-long family tradition which needs to be upheld as long as we want to keep the love in the family growing from strength to strength and making our Christmas holidays more magical than a normal routine.

The importance of gifts in making Christmas holidays and breaks a memory to behold is evident in the general increase in the total number of gifts purchased from gift stores. While this is good, it has been observed that purchasing these gifts alone may not have the effects to spice up the Christmas holiday and provide the right kind of reaction from your grandchildren hence the need to find more ways to make it more magical. Gift giving can sometimes be very challenging for grandparents. If you belong to this category of grandparents who want to give their grandchildren a special gift that will last more than just a day then Santa’s Magic Bags is exactly what you need.

Santa’s Magic bags contain twenty five unique small bags which can be used to surprise that wonderful grandchild you love so much for the 25 days of Christmas. Yes! You heard that right; twenty-five-days of Christmas. Santa’s magic bags provide you with a sense of adventure as you unfold the gift you have for your grandchild who has been of good behavior. Small gifts can be very exciting, candy, small toys, notes, money  whatever you wish.

Why Our Unique Bags Are the Best Option

They are designed in such a way that it keeps your grandchild eager for what the next day has to offer. Thirty-minutes to fill for 25 days of enjoyment (from December 1st to December 25th). For each gift bag you remove, an element of Santa is revealed and once all the bags are gone and the Full face of Santa appears they will know Christmas day has arrived.

Also available is a custom storage bag which makes the board usable year after year to take your grandchild on a journey of a Christmas holiday to remember.

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